• Le Havre – a year-round cruise destination

    The port of Le Havre is ideally located on the route between the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It has all the facilities required for welcoming the smallest to the largest cruise ships around the clock. The variety of tourist attractions available in Le Havre, Normandy and Paris attracts the loyalty of visitors as, all year round, each stopover offers a range of new exciting excursions for both maritime and river cruises. Having shot to the top of the list of cruise destinations in Northern Europe by being marketed as "Le Havre, The Gateway to Paris" and with its 500 year anniversary, Le Havre now wishes to highlight its own assets to cruise passengers, such as its World Heritage-listed 20th century architecture, its status as the birthplace of Impressionism and a seaside resort, as well as that of being a 'City of Art and History'. Joining the 500-year celebrations in Le Havre is the opportunity to discover a modern and enterprising port city, open to the world.

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