• Rijeka, Croatia - Your New Cruise Destination

    In the very center of Kvarner lies Rijeka, one of Croatia’s largest towns. Rijeka and its ring have everything that a first-rate tourist region needs: landmarks, rich cultural programs, entertainment, fabulous beaches, romantic towns and villages and stunning nature. The most important news this year is definitively the one happened from March. In March 2016, the City of Rijeka was declared the European Capital of Culture for 2020. The European Capital of Culture action is an initiative of the European Union which aims at highlighting this richness and diversity as well as common cultural aspects in Europe with a view to contributing to bring the peoples of Europe closer together and improve mutual understanding. The initiative also fosters the contribution of culture to the long-term development of cities in accordance with their respective strategies and priorities. Rijeka won this prestigious title with the programme Port of Diversity, which aims to create a city of culture and creativity for Europe and the future. Various activities that will be performed in the port, it will raise the level of touristic offer for cruising tourists. Every season in Rijeka provides a particular kind of entertainment. Rijeka's calendar of events is rich throughout the year - great concerts, fascinating art shows, theatrical plays and musicals, etc. Rijeka is the cradle of numerous customs and religious traditions and one of the most popular is the famous Rijeka Carnival. The area also provides great opportunities for culinary pursuits, featuring excellent wine and locally-grown produce. The Croatian destination ‘Rijeka and Kvarner are unique, differentiating itself from the other destinations in its nearest surroundings. The area is characterized by an extremely rich natural and cultural heritage.

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